PvR Bluetooth Voice Encryptor

Encrypt Cell Phone Calls & Voice Messages


Note: PvR must be used in pairs, so as to protect the privacy of both communication sides

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Main Encryption Functions

Cellular Call Encryption

Encrypted voice calls via cellular networks such as GSM, UMTS and VoLTE

VoIP Call Encryption

Encrypted calls via VoIP Apps such as WhatsApp, Facetime...

Voice Message Encryption

Send encrypted voice messages through social software such as WhatsApp, Skype...

Recording Encryption

Record and play encrypted voice through the voice recorder APP on the mobile phone

Suitable For Professionals In Various Fields

PvR is a reliable and affordable tool that allows professionals to protect themselves from eavesdropping

Every successful professional has his own secrets, and your opponent is prying these secrets all the time. Telephone wiretapping is their common method. Inadvertent disclosure of information on the phone may cause huge losses to you or your organization.

Using the PvR to make a call can protect the privacy of the voice from the microphone to the receiver of the other party, allowing you to calmly deal with various eavesdropping challenges.

Effectively Prevent Various Eavesdropping Methods

With PvR, the risk of eavesdropping mentioned above can be completely avoided.

The World-Leading Voice Encryption Technology

Digital Voice Encryption Technology

PvR does not use simple analog scrambling or VoIP encryption schemes, but uses advanced voice coding technology, digital encryption technology and proprietary signal modulation technology, which has been proven to be sufficiently secure.

End-to-end Protection

The voice of users is already encrypted before being sent to the phone via PvR, and the encrypted voice won’t be decrypted until it’s received by the receiving end ( PvR). So there is no one can get your original voice, even if the phone is installed with eavesdropping softwares.

Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms

Advanced Cryptographic Algorithms The ECDH key exchange algorithm generates a different key for each voice call. AES encryption algorithm protects voice data security

Controllable Security

The whole process of encryption and decryption is totally completed by PvR itself, no need to rely on any third-party service providers.

No Backdoor

No backdoor to restore the communication data, even us can't get the original data of users.

Easy to Use


Long press the “Function Button” to Pair with the Phone. Bluetooth will reconnect automatically next time.


Twice press the “Function Button” to switch between the encrypted call mode, the encrypted voice message mode and encrypted recording mode.


Under encrypted call mode, press the “Function Button” once to switch between encrypted call and normal call.


Under encrypted voice message mode, encrypted voice message can be recorded/played through PvR Mic/Receiver

Verifiable Security Effect

You can verify security effect by youself. While using PvR to make an encrypted calls, turn off the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, you can hear the encrypted noise from the speaker of the mobile phone. Turn on the Bluetooth again, PvR will connect back quickly, you’ll hear the normal voice (decrypted) again.

Turn On Only When Needed

PvR will not change your habit of using mobile phones to make calls. It is designed to protect your voice privacy when needed. After pairing with the mobile phone, PvR does not need to be turned on all the time. It is only needed to turn on when need to make an encrypted call or send/receive encrypted voice messages. PvR will quickly connect back to the paired phone.

One Time Payment, Lifetime Use

One-time payment, no subscription service, no annual fee, no additional cost, protect your voice communication privacy for life

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